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roasted coffee page
Welcome to our roasted coffee page. We're glad you're here. The specialty grade Arabica coffee you are considering for purchase is small-batch roasted by our own caring hands in North Conway, a small town in the White Mountains of NH, where our passion for coffee and life harmonize with the beauty of nature and small town values.
We are diligent in the study of our craft and meticulous in the attention we pay to every batch of coffee we roast. We're confident you'll love our coffee. If you don't, send it back to us with a reason why, and we'll return your money. Coffee Preparation Hints

When we get your order, we'll roast your coffee and heat seal it in an airtight valve bag right away. Packaging your coffee the way we do uses the CO2 given off by freshly roasted coffee to push any trapped oxygen (the enemy of coffee freshness) out the valve. The valve is designed to let the CO2 and oxygen out of the bag and keep it out.

If you want anymore details about our coffee or coffee roasting process, we love to talk coffee, so drop us a line.


Pumpkin Spice   Fire Keeper's Blend  

Pumpkin 1lb
Pumpkin 5lb

This seasonal coffee is flying off our shelves! Reminds us of grandma's pumpkin pie. A great cup for a great season!


Organic Fire Keeper's Blend 1lb
Organic Fire Keeper's Blend 5lb

A organic dark roast that is every bit of bold but never burned. A blend of Central American and Indonesian coffees that is smoky and smooth with a buttery body developed by coasting into the end of the roast.


Butter Rum 1lb
Butter Rum 5lb

The aroma alone of this special roast will get you in the Holiday spirit!  We recommend sitting in your favoirte chair, sipping slowly, and letting the warm, sweet, rich, buttery smooth goodness of this coffee soothe you.  

Water-processed Mexican Decaf   Espresso   Regular Joe 1lb

Water-processed Brazilian Decaf 1lb
Water-processed Brazilian Decaf 5 lb

An easy to drink medium roast with a delicate sweetness. Decaffenated without chemicals. Yes, decaf can taste good!



Espresso 1lb
Espresso 5lb

Our espresso blend features coffees from Indonesia, Central, and South America. We take it to a Viennese or Light French roast level creating a creamy fusion of sweet, spice, and earth that lingers on the palate
when enjoyed as a straight shot and carries a wonderfully rich taste through any milk based drink. Try it as a drip too. We do. And love it!



Regular Joe 1lb
Regular Joe 5lb

For those of you who know what you like but would rather spend your time drinking your coffee than contemplating the nuances, we give you Regular Joe. A sweet, tasty regulah cup of coffee.You’ll Love it!

Toasted Hazelnut   French Vanilla   Community Blend

Toasted Hazelnut 1lb
Toasted Hazelnut 1lb

We don’t skimp on the quality of the coffee just because we flavor it.   We also use a solvent-free flavor system that uses no chemical solvents or carriers.  The result is the best natural tasting flavored coffee you can buy, with no bitter chemical aftertaste.



French Vanilla 1lb
French Vanilla 5lb

We don’t skimp on the quality of the coffee just because we flavor it.   We also use a solvent-free flavor system that uses no chemical solvents or carriers.  The result is the best tasting flavored coffee you     can buy, with no bitter chemical aftertaste."


Organic Community Blend 1lb
Organic Community Blend 5lb

The organic house blend we serve at The Met. A medium roast of South and Central American
coffees that brings a balance of chocolate and citrus to the cup. Notice how the chocolate fruit intensifies as the cup cools.